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Did you know that increased resistance and heat are the primary reason most electrical components fail? It’s true, prior to an electrical components failure, it heats up.  Infrared scanning allows us to inspect electrical equipment.  Excess heat is usually the first sign of trouble, an overloaded circuit breaker,  a loose connection, a defect in a breaker, a damaged switch, faulty fuses, and material defects all lead to equipment failure. Having Electri-Tech Inc. perform a periodic maintenance heat-scan – thermal imaging inspection on your electrical panels and components is a cost effective way of catching the early warning signs and identifying potential electrical equipment system failures. Electri-Tech Inc will troubleshoot and solve the problem before it arises.

Heat-Scan & Thermal Imaging Electrical Panels

By being proactive and taking the necessary steps to prevent costly and sometimes dangerous electrical outages. Electri-Techs Heat-Scan/Thermal Imaging Maintenance can keep your business running smoothly. The electric in your facility is the lifeline of your business. 

Electrical panels should be opened to look for hot spots. Loose connections between breakers and the main panel bus and other deficiencies including overloaded circuits, load imbalances, harmonic problems and defective electrical components can all contribute to a thermal imaging heat signature.

When Electri-Tech Inc. identifies a hot spot, the amp draw of the circuit is measured with an amp meter. The load will be calculated to determine if the problem.  If the draw is less the 80% of the circuit capacity, we focus our attention on the circuit breaker and wiring connections to the electrical panel. Loose and weak connections between a breaker and the main panel bus are checked.  We will systematically work through the components (testing and replacing if necessary), and electrical connections (checking for loose connections and tightening if possible) until the problem is isolated and resolved. If the draw is excessive we trace back to the draw source; often time’s additional equipment has been added to the circuit.

Always think SAFETY, before accessing an electrical panel, power distribution unit or remote power panel, Contact Electri-Tech Inc. to perform a heat-scan – thermal imaging inspection of the branch circuits and breakers for excessive heat. Even if you find yourself in an electrical panel every week, Heat-scan – Thermal imaging can quickly determine if a problem exists. Though it’s unlikely that screws have loosened in the past week, they do loosen up over time.

In your facility it is common to add new equipment and receptacles without telling facilities management, increasing the load on a given 20 amp circuit, pushing that circuit over the NEC guidelines of 80% of amp capacity, if it is a under load, meaning it is energized continuously for three or more hours.

Outlets available on a power strip are not an indication that electrical capacity is available. Overloading a circuit with additional devices causes hot spots in a circuit panel.  Electri-Tech Inc. recommends having one of our experienced, highly skilled electrical service technicians come out to your facility to perform a heat-scan / thermal imaging inspection. Early detection is key to having a smooth running facility with no downtime.  Don’t wait for circuits to trip or fail, let Electri-Tech Inc. correct any issues before they become a problem.  Heat-Scan/ Thermal Imaging will let us know immediately if breakers or wires are installed correctly.  

Electri-Tech Inc. Heat-Scan/Thermal Imaging inspections are the safest most accurate way to detect potential failures, prior to them causing an outage. Heat-scan / Thermal Imagining inspections are used to identify numerous possible electrical problems in and around any facility.

Heat-Scan /Thermal Imaging allows for early detection, corrective action which puts a halt to potential failures that cause outages. Electri-Tech Inc Heat-Scan / Thermal Imaging inspections are highly recommended for electrical components and system preventive maintenance.  This method will minimize costly facility downtime and equipment failure.

Contact Electri-Tech Inc. Let us inform you on how Heat-Scan/Thermal Imaging Electrical Inspections can save your facility from costly down time.